Following the Indonesia Tax Authority announcement 2021 for the PPh 21 DTP (Tax Incentive) given to employees who earns less than IDR 200 million per year, here's how to manage the PPh 21 DTP in HReasily:

1. Go to Manage Company

2. Go to Payroll Info tab

3. Scroll down to the Pay Item List section and click CREATE

4. Fill in the necessary details for PPh 21 DTP as shown below and click SAVE.

5. Next, find the Payroll that you'd like to process and click MANAGE button.

6. To add the PPh 21 DTP pay item, click ADD PAY ITEM.

7. Choose PPh 21 DTP pay item and hit CREATE

8. Next, copy the amount from PPh 21 Contributions column then paste it to PPh 21 DTP column

9. . Lastly, you may click "SAVE AS DRAFT", "SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL" or "APPROVE" at the bottom of page under Payroll Status.

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