1. Go to view your profile.

2. Click on the "Claim" Tab.

3. In the Claim Tab click expand arrow on the right end of ‘Claim Application’ section

4. The table will list your application(s), you can edit it by clicking on the ‘Action’ button then select ‘Request for Cancellation’

6. Click on ‘Yes’ to confirm and the status of the claim application will revert back to the previous status


  1. Claim applications that have been processed in payroll cannot be cancelled.

  2. Claim applications that has been approved will require a cancellation approval. The assigned claims approver will receive a cancellation notification to approve the request. Only upon approval of the cancellation, will the claim status be reverted to draft.

  3. Claim applications that is still pending for approval will be reverted to draft upon cancellation without requiring an approval for the cancellation.

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