Hubba is your one-stop shop for independent retail stores to discover and order products from new Brands. It's the easiest and fastest way to purchase products and grow your wholesale business!

For Buyers

There are thousands of great products on Hubba! We help you find the ones you like with no hidden fees, high minimum order quantities, or extra charges – you only pay the wholesale cost of the products. Hubba Brands then send products directly to you within a few days. All buyers receive:

  • Access to weekly flash sales and exclusive brand discounts
  • Highlight of new Brands that meet your needs using our powerful search and recommendation tools
  • Data based recommendation engine, which showcases fast-moving product
  • Automatic order reminders, to ensure you have high quality products in stock

See further details on Hubba for Buyers here.

For Brands

We streamline everything for Brands to make the wholesale process easier than it's ever been.

Once you list your products, you're able to start taking orders ASAP. At Hubba, we provide:

  • Hassle-free order taking. Eliminate time consuming paperwork and empower your sales reps to process orders on the go with our take-order tool. (link: take order tool)
  • Guaranteed payment. No more late checks, no more cheque matching. All payments are deposited directly into your accounts in a timely manner.
  • Automated order reminders. Our platform will send re-order reminders to your Hubba buyers, with no effort on your part.
  • A Market for your products. We market your products to new Buyers that are interested in the categories and diets that your product matches to. Reduce your marketing spend and match up with targeted buyers. Want to participate in our promotions? Reach out to us at info@hubba.com.

You're also able to bring your current wholesale accounts onto Hubba and we won't charge them any fees for any of those orders going forward. Not to mention we'll fund a $150 discount on their first order with you and pay you a $50 referral bonus!

Low cost, high reward - Hubba is the fastest and easiest way to grow your direct wholesale business!

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