As a Brand, Hubba allows you to list your products, share your story, and receive new wholesale orders - ALL in one place.


Once you've listed your products, buyers will be able to find them on the marketplace. After that, all you have to do is accept orders!


Our team will be working behind the scenes, recommending your Brand and products to Buyers.

Finally, we've streamlined the wholesale ordering process so that you can receive wholesale orders, keep track of their status, and get paid quickly and easily.


Additionally, you can join Hubba's referral program and centralize all your wholesale orders by bringing your current Buyers (or new Buyers) to Hubba. For every referral you make, you receive $50* and for a limited time, we are offering referred Buyers a $150 credit on their first order with you. Plus, Brands with more Buyers and orders will be featured more frequently in Hubba's search engine and marketing campaigns, so the more Buyers you refer, the better!

*Conditions may apply: Buyers must meet a certain standard set by Hubba's Buyer verification team

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