Buyers use Hubba to find and order emerging Brands and products. As a Buyer, you can search for products yourself, review our curated collections, or find products based on our team's recommendations for you. We use thousands of Buyers' buying data and cross-reference that with your buying needs to make the best recommendations for you!


When you find a Brand you like, you can view all of the important information you need with ease. This ensures you can make quick and effortless buying decisions. You'll never have to go to their website or deal with different wholesale portals.

When you're ready to order, Hubba streamlines the buying process by enabling you to add multiple products from multiple Brands to your cart, order them, easily track shipments, and securely manage payments. Everything is a click away, in one central and easy to use location!


To learn more in depth about the buyer ordering process, see here.

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