When a buyer first discovers your brand on Hubba, it can be hard for them to know exactly which of your products to order or how well they’ll sell through in store. For that reason, we recommend putting together a Wholesale Starter Pack featuring a few of your bestsellers at an affordable opening price.

To create a Wholesale Starter Pack, start by creating a new product on your Hubba page, just like you would for any other product. Name it “Your Brand Name Wholesale Starter Pack.”

Here are a few best practices:

  • Products: Include a select number of your bestselling SKUs — e.g., include a case (6-12 units) of each of your top 4 SKUs.
  • Imagery: Please use a picture that features all included SKUs on a white background as the main image of your Wholesale Starter Pack. As secondary images, if possible, include individual pictures of each product and shots of their nutrition labels.
  • Pricing: We generally recommend keeping the landed cost of your Wholesale Starter Pack to under $150, so that retailers can try out your products on shelves without too much upfront cost.
  • Description: Include a clear description of what’s included in the Wholesale Starter Pack (X units of X Product), and don’t forget to include important details like your products’ shelf lives and ingredients.
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