Our goal is to connect Buyers like you with high quality, verified Brands. Ordering on Hubba is super easy, but occasionally you might have a question or two for a Brand you're working with. In this article, we'll cover how to get in contact with a Brand:

Once you're on a company's Brand Page, you should find a "Contact Brand" button under their profile picture at the top, right.


Once you click on the "Contact Brand" button, you'll be able to message the brand anything you'd like. We'd recommend keeping your messages concise and to the point to improve reply times. We'd also recommend making sure you check out the company's Brand and product pages before messaging them, as they likely will already have the answer to your question on their profile!

Keep in mind, Brands can only contact you by responding to a conversation you initiated, so you never have to worry about feeling overwhelmed with unwanted cold messages.

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