Here are some common question asked by our Brands in Hubba, take a look at them because they might answer your questions:

  1. How Much Does Hubba Cost?
  2. What Type of Brands Use Hubba?
  3. Where is Hubba Available?
  4. How Do I Know If My Products Are For Sale?
  5. What Do The Different Order Statuses Mean?
  6. What Do I Do If I Ship Two Orders Together?
  7. How Do I Update the Tracking Number of an Order?
  8. How Does the Hubba Referral Program Work?
  9. My Products Are Out of Stock, How Do I Manage My Inventory On Hubba?
  10. How Do I Get Paid?
  11. When Do I Get Paid?
  12. How Do I Change My Bank Info?
  13. As a Brand, Can I Cancel an Order?
  14. How Do Returns Work for Brands?
  15. How Do Back Orders Work for Brands?
  16. When Do I Get Paid For My Referrals?
  17. How We Partner With Brands In Trade Shows?
  18. What Do I Do If I Want To Hand-Deliver My Products?

How Much Does Hubba Cost?

Listing your Brand and products on our network of tens of thousands of Buyers is free! However, we do take a small commission - 10% - on all orders (excluding taxes, duties, and shipping costs) that happen through Hubba. There's also a separate payment processing fee of 2.9% per transaction, which is charged by our payment processor (Stripe).

Beyond that, there are no other upfront costs or retainer fees for using Hubba.

What Type of Brands Use Hubba?

We verify Buyers by having them fill out an application complete with details about their business. Our Verification Team uses that information to confirm whether or not they're real Buyers working for real retailers. All of our verified Buyers work for small to medium, independent retailers and are looking for unique, top-performing products to add to their assortments. These Buyers typically do all of the buying themselves and are looking for products that their customers will love and that will help them stand out from their competition.

These Buyers vary between our eight industries, however we have a significantly stronger focus on the first three. We understand that your business is likely focused on our primary three, but you may need to sell your products to other industries as well:

  1. Food and Beverage - (Primary Industry)
  2. Health and Wellness - (Primary Industry)
  3. Personal Care and Beauty - (Primary Industry)
  4. Pet - (Secondary Industry)
  5. Apparel and Accessories - (Secondary Industry)
  6. Personal Care and Beauty - (Secondary Industry)
  7. Kids, Babies and Toys - (Secondary Industry)
  8. Housewares and Home Accessories - (Secondary Industry)

Where is Hubba Available?

Hubba is a global business-to-business network, available to any verified Brand or Buyer looking to buy or sell a product. Currently, the majority of the companies found on Hubba are from North America but there are also many from a variety of countries around the world.

At this time, the ability to receive orders on Hubba is only available to Brands in the US. However, we're looking to expand further in the near future!

How Do I Know If My Products Are For Sale?

You will be able to know if you've provided all the information required to set your products for sale in your "Order Checklist".

First of all, all of the sections under "Wholesale Details" must say "Complete".


Secondly, once all necessary product information has been entered, you should see checkmarks under the "Details" and "Pricing" sections. Finally, the "For Sale" toggle should be on the right side and colored orange.

Please note that if the "For Sale" toggle is colored gray and on the left side, your product is not for sale.

Going forward, please use this page to manage your inventory, and make sure to unlist your products for sale if they are out of stock.


What Do The Different Order Statuses Mean?

It's very important to understand the status of your orders to know what steps still need to be completed. If the status of your order is the following:

  1. "Submitted", it means the Buyer has submitted an order but you have not accepted it yet.
  2. "Placed", it means you have accepted the order.
  3. "In Transit", it means you have shipped it and entered a tracking number on Hubba.
  4. "Complete", it means the Buyer has acknowledged having received the shipment.
  5. "Canceled", it means the order has been canceled by either you or the Buyer.

What Do I Do If I Ship Two Orders Together?

If you placed two orders together into one shipment, don't panic! We have a solution for you!

First of all, please contact our support team at and we will fix this problem for you. Make sure you provide the following information in the email:

  • Tracking number
  • Order numbers

Our team will help you separate the order into two orders and this helps prevent Brands from reusing the same tracking number again. After sending us an email, we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

How Do I Update the Tracking Number of an Order?

If you have to update the tracking number of an order for whatever reason (perhaps you made a mistake or the number has changed), you'll have to e-mail for our team to do it on your behalf.

Please be sure to include the following information: invoice number, correct tracking number, and the shipping service provider.

How Does the Hubba Referral Program Work?

The more orders you receive on Hubba, the more frequently you'll be featured on Hubba's search and marketing emails. As a result, you'll receive more orders!

One of the easiest ways to receive orders and boost your visibility on Hubba for new Buyers is to refer your current wholesale accounts via the Hubba Referral Program. With the Referral Program, you're able to streamline your wholesale accounts into one convenient location, all with no commission. In addition to that, the Buyer you refer will receive a $50 credit (paid for by Hubba) for their first order with you, and you could receive a $50 bonus if they meet our Buyer requirements.

My Products Are Out of Stock, How Do I Manage My Inventory On Hubba?

If you run out stock and cannot fulfill orders, you're able to hide indiviual products so Buyers aren't able to order them. You can do so from your "Order Checklist" or from your "Product Page".

1. If you go to your "Order Checklist" and scroll down to your products section, you can turn off the "For Sale" toggle off (so it's towards the left and gray), so your products are not for sale anymore.

2. You could also go to your products page and click on the edit "pencil" icon at the top right side of your product. From there, you can go to the Pricing tab and scroll down to the bottom until you find the "For Sale" toggle. By switching the toggle off (so it's towards the left and gray), your products will no longer be for sale.

Please remember to save all the changes you make.

You can always change the toggle to "For Sale" (to the right and orange) whenever you're ready to start selling your product again!

How Do I Get Paid?

The payments for all of your orders will be deposited directly into the Bank Account you've provided under your "Order Checklist".

Hubba generates an earning statement and manages the collection of funds from the Buyer and deposits them into your bank account when an order is shipped. All payouts are typically released 24 hours after the Buyer's credit card has been charged (which happens immediately after a Brand input the tracking number into Hubba). Please note that for a Brand's first order, the payout might take slightly longer as Stripe does additional safety and verification checks.

Hubba uses Stripe, a world-class payment service provider used by some of the biggest companies in the world, to process payments so you can be certain that your information is safe and secure.

When Do I Get Paid?

Stripe, our payment processor, will collect the funds from the Buyer based on the payment terms agreed upon (immediately after a Brand inputs the tracking number into Hubba). Once the funds have been collected, it will typically take 24 hours for the funds to arrive in your bank account. Keep in mind that if it's your first order, there might be a slight delay as Stripe does additional safety and verification checks before depositing funds.

How Do I Change My Bank Info?

To change or update your bank account information, you'll have to e-mail our support team at to do it on your behalf.

Please be sure to include the following information:

  • ABA/RTN Number
  • Account Number
  • Billing Address
  • Phone Number
  • First and Last Name
  • Date of Birth

If you would like to change the Owner of the Bank Account, you have to submit a scanned copy of a piece of identification with all the information above.

How Do Returns Work?

We allow each Brand to set and include their own return policy on their Hubba profile. All Buyers must agree to your policies before they place an order and they're contractually obliged to follow them.

Despite the best intentions, things don’t always go as planned. If there are any disputes after an order is fulfilled, we strongly encourage the following steps to be taken:

  1. First and foremost, try to work out a resolution to the problem amicably and amongst yourselves. Please make sure to use the Hubba messaging service for your own protection in the case of a dispute.
  2. If a return happens and payment or credit is needed, please contact Hubba Support and we will facilitate the payment or credit.
  3. If you're unable to resolve a dispute related to a transaction on Hubba, contact our support team at

Hubba will attempt to help you resolve disputes in good faith and based solely on our interpretation of our policies, but does not have any obligation to resolve any disputes (though we’ll always do our best to make sure everyone is happy!).

How Do Back Orders Work for Brands?

As a Brand, products can be sold out quickly even after the Buyer placed an order! In order to provide a backorder for Buyers, you need to reach out to your Buyers to let them know when your products will be back in stock (eg. within 4 weeks). When your products are fully in stock, follow up with your Buyers and send them a friendly reminder to make a purchase. Always remember to communicate with your Buyers through Hubba's messaging service!

How Do I Get Paid for my Referrals?

At the end of the month, Hubba will calculate the total referral bonuses ($50 for each accepted qualified buyer) for your brand. Within 10 days after the end of the month, this total referral amount will be deposited directly into your bank account or issued through a check.

How Do We Partner With Brands During Trade Shows?

Are you planning to attend a trade show anytime soon? We attend most major trade shows so hopefully, we'll be able to visit your booth! First of all, we love trade shows because we are able to get in touch with amazing Brands as well as their latest and best products. Ultimately, we believe trade shows can help connect us with the most trusted Brands who have great potential to be successful on Hubba!

Typically, you can find us at our Hubba booth set-up at the Trade Shows. Some of the most recent shows we attended were Expo West & East, Summer & Winter Fancy Food Shows and Sweets & Snacks Show.

Keep on reading! This article will explain how we partner with Brands in Trade Shows:

  1. We recommend all Brands to bring their own devices to sign up on our Hubba app (e.g. phone or tablet).
  2. Fill in your information (eg. brand information, wholesale policies, account settings).
  3. After filling out your information, you're ready to take orders. Using our app allows Buyers to take orders from your Brand while you're at the show!
  4. All orders taken during the show will be $50 OFF, provided by Hubba. This is only applicable to Brands that are participating in the trade show.
  5. When a new Buyer places an order with your Brand, it will automatically assign them as your referral Buyer and Hubba will never take commission on orders placed by that new Buyer.
  6. Hubba is an easy, quick and simple process for Buyers to re-order from you in the future.

In the upcoming trade show, come by to sign up with us or even just to come and say "Hi!".

What Do I Do If I Want To Hand-Deliver My Products?

Sometimes, you may want to hand-deliver an order if the Buyer is nearby. We can definitely help you with that!

If your order is being hand-delivered, please contact us at and include the order information and we'll make sure to update order for you.

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