We verify Buyers by having them fill out an application complete with details about their business. Our Verification Team uses that information to confirm whether or not they're real Buyers working for real retailers. All of our verified Buyers work for small to medium, independent retailers and are looking for unique, top performing products to add to their assortments. These Buyers typically do all of the buying themselves and are looking for products that their customers will love and that will help them stand out from their competition.

These Buyers vary between our eight industries, however we have a significantly stronger focus on the first three. We understand that your business is likely focused on our primary three, but you may need to sell your products to other industries as well:

  1. Food and Beverage - (Primary Industry)
  2. Health and Wellness - (Primary Industry)
  3. Personal Care and Beauty - (Primary Industry)
  4. Pet - (Secondary Industry)
  5. Apparel and Accessories - (Secondary Industry)
  6. Personal Care and Beauty - (Secondary Industry)
  7. Kids, Babies and Toys - (Secondary Industry)
  8. Housewares and Home Accessories - (Secondary Industry)
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