Yes, coupon codes can be stacked with brand sales!

Here is an example:

This product (the Chocolate Rose Donut) has been put on sale by the brand for $1/unit, or $13/case.

The sale price is automatically reflected when you add cases to your shopping cart:

In this case, the discounted price is $10/case, and $40 for 4 cases.

To add a discount code, you will find the ability to do so at the bottom of the cart:

Make sure to hit 'Apply' to ensure that the discount is properly applied!

Continuing in the example above, the coupon code will update your cart to reflect the discounted amount.

In this example, there was a 50% coupon off of the cart (with the products already reflecting the sale price).

Therefore the final total is discounted to $20, i.e. 50% of the sale price was removed.

If you have any questions about applying a discount code, feel free to reach out to!

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