While creating either a web-app or Mobile app for your event/community one of the most important aspect is to concrete the access type. This means letting the system know who is allowed to access the info in-app and who's not. 

Access Types:
Majorly the access is divided as :

  1. Restricted Access - Only the users who are a part of the app users' database will be allowed access to the app. 
  2. Open Access - This means anyone who downloads the app may simply log in and access the content of the app.

Restricted access

This is the right option wherein your event/info is not meant for the general public and is only to be shared with a specific set of audiences. Hubilo in the current framework provides you with 2 options:

  1. Email + OTP - The user will be required to enter the registered email address and enter the Random 4 digit OTP that is generated upon the login attempt.
  2. Email + Custom OTP - The Logic remains the same however, the OTP here is pre-fixed and can be any alphanumeric code that is preset by you. 

Open access

In case you'd want your app and it's content to be made available to the general public you can choose this option. when we say Open access the person is still required to log in using their Gmail/Facebook/Linkedin sign-ins or they can sign up on the app itself. what all sign-in options are to be allowed can be chosen by you via a simple click-to-check/uncheck method.

In Case of any/doubts or queries, feel free to reach us at Support@hubilo.com or you can get in touch with your CS manager.

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