The listing banner is the banner that is displayed on the exhibitor list.

This feature is only applicable for medium and large booths.

While adding a Virtual Booth if you are selecting the size of the booth as Medium or Large then only the listing page banner option is activated.

Large Booth: 1036x220px | 5MB(Maximum)
Medium Booth: 508x150px | 5MB(Maximum)

Dimension for new version:
Large Booth: 1200x250px | 5MB(Maximum)
Medium Booth: 590x250px | 5MB(Maximum)
Small Booth: 385x250px | 5MB(Maximum)

Uploading a Listing Page Banner:

Step 1: Go to Virtual booth tab > Select the booth you want to add listing banners to.

Step 2: Go to Basic Details > Click on 'Add Banner' under Listing Page Banner.

Step 3: Upload your banner image > Crop the required section > Click on 'Crop and Save' > Click on 'Save'.

Please add the banner content within the safe area as shown below:

Result: This is how Listing Banner would look under the Exhibitor's Tab on the Event platform.

Note: In the New community of the Hubilo Platform, you can Add a Listing Page Banner to Small Booths as well. Please refer to the image below to Locate the functionality.

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