Room is one of the engagement areas on Hubilo platform. Wherein users can connect & conduct video sessions. The Room is ideally for a Group/Panel discussion, product demo or Closed meetings.

How to join a meeting in the Room?

Step 1: Open the event platform > Go to Room Tab.

Before you join the room, check your system compatibility.
Click on 'Test Compatibility' > Start > Finish.

Step 2: In the case of a Speaker/Moderator session in a Room, only the assigned moderator can start the room meeting & as per the start time and attendees will be able to join the meeting.

Once a room is started > the moderator can share the audio & video and join the session.

All the users viewing the session will be displayed in the People Spectating box & if any user has raised the hand to join the session - the moderator can accept their request by clicking on the Raise your hand box

Step 3: In case of a public room session > You will have an option to share your audio & video and join the session as a Speaker > Click on the 'Share Audio/Video' button > Enable.

Enable the Camera & Microphone and your video will be available on the Room screen,

Important Note for Rooms Session:

  • Use google chrome only - if you plan to use Rooms and suggest as to your participants.

  • Ensure to disable the VPN or firewall services and suggest to your participants.

  • Join using an Open (non-restricted) network

  • If any user is facing an issue with network or room session closing abruptly in between - suggest them to change their network

  • MEA & China region - Rooms have some issue currently.

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