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How does StreamYard + Hubilo streaming works?
How does StreamYard + Hubilo streaming works?

Learn more about the process to stream the session on Hubilo using Streamyard

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What is StreamYard?
StreamYard is a live streaming studio for web-based browser. Using which you can stream directly to Hubilo using a custom RTMP.


  • Streamyard Licensed Account

  • Google Chrome

  • Hubilo event

  • Good & stable internet connectivity


  • Create session on Hubilo and set the stream option as external encoder > save

  • Copy the RTMP & Stream key from the Hubilo Dashboard

  • Create a broadcast session Streamyard > Custom RTMP > Add details

  • Enter the StreamYard studio > Share the invite link with your speaker

  • Save the studio

On the day of the event:

  • Open Streamyard > open the created broadcast session

  • Enter studio > share the invite link with speaker > or add them in

  • Click on the Go Live button to enable the live streaming

  • There are multiple branding & transition features on Streamyard, use the same during your live session

  • Once the streaming is live > same would be available on Hubilo

  • The audience will be able to view the live session and can interact via Live chat, Q&A & Polls.

Note -

  • StreamYard is a separate platform, therefore you need to contact them directly to purchase the license & set up the dashboard. For any support or technical queries regarding the StreamYard: please contact the StreamYard support team only.

  • For each session on Hubilo, you will have a unique RTMP & Key - therefore please use the same - if you have multiple separate sessions on Hubilo - a separate StreamYard session need to be created.

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