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2. Integrate Your Marketo Account with Hubilo
2. Integrate Your Marketo Account with Hubilo

Marketo Integration Guide.

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Below are the steps to unlock the Hubilo-Marketo integration to power your next event:

Step 1: Select integration on the dashboard. Click Connect to initiate the connection with Marketo.

Step 2: Follow the steps to Authenticate your Marketo account.

Click on 'Next'.

Configuration Window will popup, to authorize your Marketo account, you need ‘Marketo API endpoint’, ‘client ID', and 'Client Secret’.

To get API endpoint, In your, Marketo go to Admin > Webservice and copy the Rest API endpoint (do not include the 'rest' part at the end)

To get a client ID and Client secret, you’ll need an API role and user on your Marketo and create an installed service in Launchpoint (check the link here to find out how to do that in Marketo).

If you already have an API user and installed service, you can find client ID and client secret at Admin > Launchpoint > View Details.

Note: Please make sure your API user has the following permissions -

  • Access API > Read-Write Person’

  • ‘Access API > Read-Write Activity’

  • ‘Access API > Read-Write Activity Metadata’.

It’s best to give all API access to your User to avoid the hassle.

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