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4. Export data from Hubilo to Marketo
4. Export data from Hubilo to Marketo

Guide to export data from Hubilo to Marketo

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To Export data from Hubilo to Marketo, please follow the steps below to configure custom activity for integration.

Step 1: Setup custom activity on your Marketo like ‘Registered to Events', ‘Attended Sessions’, 'Attended Events’, etc, this list will be populated on Hubilo to select from

(How to create custom activity in Marketo - refer to this link)

Step 2: Registration fields that you can export to Marketo and their respective API Name for 'Registration' Custom Activity:

  • First Name - firstName

  • Last Name - lastName

  • Email - email

  • Contact Number - phone

  • Event ID - eventID

  • Designation/Title - title

  • Company/Organisation - company

  • City - city

  • State - state

  • Country - country

Note: For the integration to work make sure you name the API Name of fields in the Registration custom Activity exactly as shown in the screenshot or from the list mentioned below.

Step 3: Custom activities in Marketo allow you to define a trigger that can perform a workflow. In our case that workflow will be to push registration data to the Event Registration List (a list in the client Program/event).

Step 3: Create a Program and a List within your program.

You can then configure a Smart Campaign to be triggered on your custom event.

The custom event trigger should contain the name of your Hubilo event and should use 'starts with' rather than 'in', as Marketo sometimes puts spaces on the end of the event name.

In the next screen ('Flow'), you can use 'Add to list' to push the registrations from Hubilo into a Marketo list in your program.

Activate the Smart Campaign in the 'Schedule' tab. (Campaign needs to be activated for it to be functional)

You're now ready to start receiving registrations from Hubilo! You can set up other custom activities(Session data, attendance) in the same way.

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