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3. Import data from Marketo to Hubilo
3. Import data from Marketo to Hubilo

Guide to import data from Marketo to Hubilo

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Set up webhook (and Group ID unique identifier) to import registration data from Marketo to Hubilo.

Step 1: After authenticating your Marketo account > click Next > you will land on the Import configuration screen.

  • If you want to import registrations, you need to map the Hubilo Field (Ticket code or Event code) with the fields from the Person object from your Marketo (you will need to create a custom field in your person object).

  • It is recommended you use the name of your custom field related to the ticket code for you to remember the purpose it. Once you have done this step, click on 'Next'.

Step 2: Once you have mapped the Hubilo Ticket/Event code field with Marketo’s Person object field, you will come to the final step which is 'Marketo Webhook URL' (you need to copy this and keep it safe, you will need this to setup your Marketo import functionality)

Step 3: Go to ‘Admin', search for 'Webhooks’. Create a webhook with the below details.

  • URL - Paste the Marketo Webhook URL we copied earlier. (Step 2)

  • Request type: 'POST'

  • Template: {"lead_id":{{}}}

  • Request Token Encoding: Form/Url

  • Response type: JSON

  • Click 'Save'

Set custom header as “content-type”: “application/json”

(How to create webhooks on Marketo - refer to this link)

Step 4: Create a Program and a List within your Program. You can then configure a trigger that will allow your webhook to be activated.

In this case, we'll take the example of a Marketo form, which when completed causes a person to be added to a List, which then activates the Webhook. You can start by adding a Form to your Program.

Step 5: The form will need to have a field that contains Hubilo Ticket code(s). If you have multiple ticket types, you can have a select dropdown that holds the Integration Codes as stored values, which push the stored values to your Ticket Code field when the form is completed.

Step 6: When you've saved and approved the form, add it as a trigger in the 'Smart List' screen of a Smart Campaign.

Step 7: Then in the 'Flow' screen you can select 'Add to list' that is actioned when the form is completed, and a Call Webhook for the Webhook you set up previously.

Step 8: With this setup in place, you are all set to import your registrations from Marketo to Hubilo.

List of fields you can import to Hubilo:-

  • First Name (mandatory)

  • Last Name (mandatory)

  • Email Id (mandatory)

  • Lead Id

  • Contact Number

  • Company(Organisation) Name

  • Designation

  • Country

  • City

  • State

  • Member Group

The export is possible for only Attendee data from Marketo to Hubilo.

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