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Integrate Mailchimp with Hubilo
Integrate Mailchimp with Hubilo

Mailchimp Integration Guide

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The integration of Mailchimp with the Hubilo Platform is an interesting feature that provides you the options like:

  • Flexibility to edit the emails

  • Choose suitable templates from the variety of designs

  • Automation functionalities

Follow these Steps to Integrate Mailchimp with Hubilo:

Step 1: Log in to your Hubilo account. Click on "Integrations".

Please refer to the image below to navigate to the Integrations Tab:

Step 2: Find the Mailchimp Integration Card under the Integrations Tab and Click on Connect button.

In Integrations Tab the Mailchimp Integration Card can be navigated under the "Sales & Marketing" option.

After clicking on Connect, a menu on the right will slide as shown in the image below:

Step 3: Authentication Workflow:

Click the connect button, choose 'New Authentication', login to your Mailchimp account, and authorize your Mailchimp instance.

Step 4: To select the Mailing List, click next and choose the Mailchimp mailing list (audience) from the dropdown that you'd like to push your registrations into.

After authentication and logging into your Mailchimp account, you will be asked to select the audience and continue with the process to map the Profile Fields of Hubilo with the Fields of Mailchimp, as shown in the image below.

Step 5: You would be now able to Map the desired Fields for the Hubilo Platform with the Mailchimp Fields and once the mapping is done, the data will flow from Hubilo Fields to the Mailchimp Field in coordination with the respective Mapping done by you.

NOTE: Please refer to the Fields below, which are supported by the Hubilo Platform at this moment to export registration data from Hubilo to Mailchimp.

Field Names:

  • Email address

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Phone Number

  • Designation

  • Organization

  • City

  • State

  • Country

Step 6: Select Events from the event selection dropdown for which you want to export the data.

Step 7: Click on Connect and after a moment you'll see that the Mailchimp integration has been successfully completed. A green stamp of "Connected" can be seen on the Mailchimp card.

Step 8: Before uploading the Bulk Data, its recommended to test the Mailchimp - Hubilo Integration by navigating to the 'Events' tab, choosing an Event, and adding a registration record (Attendee) in the People section. You will be able to see this record in the selected Mailchimp audience list. The data is synced at an interval of 5 minutes.

Step 9: In case, if Mailchimp has to be disconnected from the event, then you can simply click on the Mailchimp card in the Integrations Section and the following menu will slide on the right:

Note: You can toggle OFF to remove any event from the sync.

Step 10: Click on disconnect, if you wish to disintegrate Mailchimp and by clicking on Confirm in the following Pop Up, the Mailchimp would be disconnected:

Who can access Mailchimp-Hubilo Integration?

This feature is part of certain subscription plans or add-ons, therefore please connect with your AM or CXM for more information on it

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