Whenever there is any issue while joining the Room or Lounge, the below checklist can be followed in order to have a smoother experience:

  • Use Google Chrome Browser. (Other browsers may create issues with Audio/Video/Screenshare and may not perform as expected across OS/Browser versions)

  • If you have a VPN or firewall enabled, Disable it.

  • Join from an Open network and not via the restricted office network.

  • You can also conduct a test by clicking on the Test Compatibility button on the lounge and checking the system.

  • If your video or audio device is not compatible, you shall receive an error message saying “No compatible devices found”.

Check if Audio/Video Permissions are given for the Event community web application. If not, follow these steps mentioned to successfully enable browser permissions for your camera and microphone:

  • Make sure the drivers are installed for Audio and Video Devices.

  • Check if the video is enabled on other software like Zoom.

  • Check for system time, it should be according to the system timezone. Not manually set up.

Please check the following if you are facing issues with your Camera & Mic:

  • Please ensure you have enabled camera and mic permissions for the page.

  • Refresh the page:

    Most issues could be due to a temporary glitch and get resolved by a quick browser refresh.

  • Leave and rejoin:

    If the issue persists, try leaving and rejoining the room.

  • Switch Network:
    VPNs and Firewall enabled networks could block some functionalities of Rooms. Try switching to a different network.

Click on the lounge table > click on the test device button > to check your system compatibility.

The event is best experienced in the latest version of Chrome on laptop/Desktop.

Kindly upgrade the browser or switch to a Laptop/Desktop if the issue persists. Kindly reach out to us in case of any further assistance required.

Note: https://webdemo.agora.io/agora_webrtc_troubleshooting/ can be used for pre-session/meetings checks.

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