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How to embed ExpoFP app to the dashboard and steps to follow on expofp to create the floor plan.
How to embed ExpoFP app to the dashboard and steps to follow on expofp to create the floor plan.
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ExpoFP is a separate platform - which provides a service to create your virtual floor plan. Which you can embed via Iframe code on Hubilo Events.

Here's the process to create ExpoFP & Embed on Hubilo:

1) Sign up with your credentials on the expofp website -

2) After sign up is completed, you will have an option on the page to create a floor plan. PFB the SS of how this looks like.

3) Once you add the name of the event onto your plan you can get started by adding all your booths to the expofp app, which includes the stands and numbers that can be assigned to each stand on the Expofb app itself.

You do not have to do anything on the Hubilo Dashboard under booths, since you are using expofb for showing up the booth plan and the stand number.

4) Go to Design and design your floor plan, followed up by adding the booths under the exhibitor option. Attaching a screenshot for better understanding:

5) Once all the details are updated, you may take up the iframe code of the expofb app and paste it on to the Hubilo dashboard under "embed your app" option. This is how the iframe code would look like in the snapshot below.

To get the iframe code from Expofp - Click on the 3 dots on the website > Integration options > Go to Iframe and copy the code > Go to Hubilo Dashboard > Embed apps and Paste the same under embed code.

Please refer to the related article for your reference - and

Please note: Expofp is the third-party app, Hubilo helps in displaying this to your event by embedding this with the Iframe Code. For any other/additional information/queries or concerns, we would request you to please contact the customer support team of expofp.

If using a free trial which will stay for 7 days, anything post that would be chargeable. You may contact the expofb support team for further information on the same.
Here is the snapshot of the support (chat) icon for your reference.

Attaching a youtube video link for reference on how to use expofp app-

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