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Create & manage all the custom mails for your event

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Custom Mail :

Custom Mails are defined by the Organiser to send any event marketing emails. These emails can be sent immediately or scheduled for the future. Custom Mails can be sent to Groups or People.

Please find the various steps to access the Custom emailers -

  • As an event Organizer, you need to go to ‘Email Manager’ > ‘Custom’ tab, the list of emails are shown if available or create a new custom email.

  • You need to click on ‘Create Custom Mail’ and go to the email details page where you have to provide the basic details like Email Name, Email Description, Email Subject, Sender Details, Email Design etc.

Custom Email Section opens up -

  • You need to enter the Email Name first then the Basic Detail option will be visible to be filled up.

  • For custom emails, you need to select the Event State and provide Email Subject & **Email Description in the Basic Details section.

    **(Email Description here is for your reference purpose and won’t be displayed to the users.)

  • To’ section contains Audience Segments that will have ‘Groups’ (Predefined and Custom Groups) or ’ People ‘(It contains all the users added to the People section)

    • If Groups is selected, then it will display the Groups. It accepts multiple values.

      People belonging to multiple groups they will receive the email only once.

    • If People is selected, then it will display no. of People records selected.

  • From’ details will have sender details like Sender Email Address(Not editable), Sender Email Address, CC Email and BCC Email. To change the sender's email address, you should go to Settings -> Sender Details -> ‘Send Request’ a new email address. (This is plan based, kindly connect with your CXM for the same)

  • In ‘Content and Design’, you should create a new email template/duplicate the existing template and you can’t use the default template. Editing the existing template will open the Email Editor with the default template.

    Creating a new email template will open the Email Editor with a blank template.

Duplicating the existing template :

Creating a New template :

  • You need to drag and drop the sections which you want and can apply the required available settings. Within the email editor, you can also change the specific UI for each template. This UI change will be applicable to that specific template only and then Save the template –

Graphical user interface, text, application

Description automatically generated

  • To help you get the crucial event details to your audience, you can easily add event data like Sessions, Speaker, Booth, Logos, Banners etc that will help to add this information to the mailer.

These tabs will appear in the email editor only when that specific data has been added to the event. Eg. If you want to add the sessions to the emailer, you need to add the sessions in the event first then only the Session tab will appear in the email editor.

If the Session tab is selected, it will help to add the required session information to the mailer-

  • The email content can be set responsive for the desktop/mobile. Eg. The session tab that you have added in the email, can be disabled for the mobile or desktop as required.

If you want to hide the Session tab for Desktop, kindly enable the settings from here -

If you want to hide the Session tab for Mobile, kindly enable the settings from here -

  • You can add ‘Merge Tags’ to the email content that automatically captures the data from the dashboard. Eg. When an ‘Attendee Name’ tag is added to the email content it will capture the attendee’s name in their respective emails when the email is sent to the users -

  • Once the template is finalized and saved, you can also Preview the email template by clicking the 'Preview' tab before sharing the mail with the users. A pop-up of the preview email template will open up -

  • After saving the changes to the new template you can ‘Send Test Email’. Send Test Email will allow you to quickly view the email which is configured. Kindly enter the email id and press enter and then Send the test mailer -

  • Once the template is saved, it will be added to the list of templates where you can click on ‘Apply’ to activate that template.

  • Once that template is activated, kindly click on ‘Save’ to save the template.

  • You can send the mail now or schedule it for later on a specific date & time.

  • You have to select the time zone and date & time to schedule the email.

  • Once the emails are scheduled, you can view all of them in the list. The email status will move from scheduled, ongoing and sent.

Report :

  • For the emails which are sent, you can view overall delivered, bounced, spammed, opened and clicked in the ‘View Report’

  • You can view the email delivery table which contains the fields like Recipient Email, Status, Sent On and Reason for failure. Filter by status (delivered, bounced, spammed, opened and clicked) and date range is available to refine the results.

You can filter by ‘Status’ and click on ‘Apply’ –

  • All the records in email logs have the Resend Email option. You can search by Recipient Name & Email ID.

Rescheduling of Custom Emails -

When a custom email has been scheduled for later it will have the status as paused. If this email time is out then the email status changes from paused to activated then it will go to draft status and the organizer can again schedule it for later or send it.

Note -

  • In ‘Advance Plan’, organizers will be able to create Custom emails however they won't be able to schedule or send the email to users.

  • The settings will work as per updated in the Email Manager.

Eg. In Ticketing, when the Invite mailer is disabled and in the Event Manager its enabled then invite mailers will go when triggered from the People section however it will not go when a ticket is purchased.

Also, when the Invite mailer is enabled in Ticketing and in the Event Manager its disabled then invite mailers will neither go during ticket purchase and nor when triggered from the People section.

  • The new events that are created from now won’t have the Invite Mailer tab and also there won’t be an Email option in the Notifications tab in the ‘Settings’

All the settings will be managed from the Email Manager tab -

(In case you need any support related to Email Manager for your event. Contact the support team at or reach out to our CXM)

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