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If the Zoom Meetings and webinar Licenses shall be provided from Hubilo. We recommend you go through the below-mentioned points before providing the email IDs for license assignment:

  • The email address(s) which are provided for the license(s) should not be associated/linked with any pre-existing licensed (paid or Basic) zoom account.

  • It is recommended that the email formats should be generic, i.e. not containing any numbers at the beginning of the email.

  • Once the emails are verified via a confirmation email sent from zoom, kindly inform your CSM to add the emails in your mentioned event as a Host.

  • In zoom meetings/webinars, kindly do not toggle off the registrations from the zoom settings as it might hamper the session experience for both speakers and the host

  • Kindly note: Please do not provide the Parent email account in order to get the license assigned from Hubilo’s end, there might be severe issues faced if the Parent account is switched to our Zoom account.

Zoom account switch over:

  • In case you are already having an existing zoom account on the email address provided to your CSM, there will be a switchover from your organizational zoom account to Hubilo’s zoom account, kindly verify the email and confirm the switchover process is done successfully.

  • Also, if the email account is having trouble switching the licenses, we recommend you provide any other email (which does not have any existing paid zoom plan) that can be used easily for the license assignment, and we recommend creating a separate Gmail/Yahoo account for the same.

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