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Attendee Guide For Session Watch Party
Attendee Guide For Session Watch Party

Here's the step-by-step process on how to join a session watch party

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Watch Party is our new feature which works with enhanced session layout,

Session Watch Party will allow attendees seated together to share audio & video in real-time.
This will enable them to have meaningful conversations as small breakouts within the main session.

How to use a session watch party as an attendee?

Step 1: Attendees will open the event platform on their Google Chrome Browser > login to the event.

Step 2: Open the Agenda Tab > click on Join Session

Step 3: Once in the session window > the system will automatically assign a table to the attendee / or / the attendee can click on any table to seat.

An attendee can start a watch party only when seated at a table. If the attendee is in the lobby area (i.e. they have not joined a table), they will not be able to start / join a watch party.

Step 4: Once on a table > ensure to give permission to access Microphone & Camera.

A window will open up - wherein you can set your camera & microphone.

Click on Join

Step 5: A window will open on the bottom of your screen with your audio/video & once other users will also seat at your table, their audio/video will be visible as well.

On the right side, you will get the options to control audio, video & related settings.

Step 6: To interact with attendees at your table or in the session window > click on the side panel > Chat / QnA / Poll to engage.


  • Microphone & Camera access is required on the browser in order to experience Watch Party.

  • Recommended browser is Google Chrome on desktop/laptop. Not supported on Mobile/Tab.

  • A stable internet connection is required & ensure you are not connected to any VPN or restricted network.

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