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3. Export data from Hubilo to HubSpot
3. Export data from Hubilo to HubSpot

Steps to Integrate HubSpot with Hubilo Platform to Export Registrations

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Export data from Hubilo to HubSpot :

Export your registration data automatically from Hubilo directly to your HubSpot Contacts and manage your Contacts/Leads/Magic Links for the events with ease.


  • Kindly setup the Hubspot account into the Hubilo dashboard. Kindly refer to this guide.

  • Create required fields (custom properties) in the contact information on your Hubspot Account. It is recommended to have all the field types as Text in Hubspot.

  • You will need to later map these with Hubilo profile fields for each event. Once the integration is in place the data would be sent to Hubspot & stored in the respective fields.

  • Your Hubilo and Hubspot account should be connected before syncing the data.

  • You will be able to export all Hubilo standard Profile fields, Custom Profile Fields (except for custom fields of type ‘Group’), All Groups, User Activities, Magic Link, etc. from Hubilo Event to your Hubspot Contacts.

  • Any updates to the profile fields will be synced automatically to Hubspot Contacts.

Step 1 :

Once the Hubspot app is connected, kindly select the event in which you want to setup the Hubspot -

Step 2 :

Once the event is selected, click on Integrations > Connected Apps > Hubspot > Setup -

Step 3 :

Setup to start the configuration of the event Data on the Hubilo Dashboard. Once you click on ‘Setup’, the ‘Configure Event Data’ screen will show up, Select the option ‘Export from Hubilo’ -

In Export there are two sections - ‘Profile Fields’ and ‘Activities’.

For ‘Activities’ kindly refer to this guide.

Step 4 :

Profile Fields -

These are the default fields as shown in the image below, in order to map other fields, please click on the ‘Add More Fields’ button.

Example :

If we want to export Hubilo magic links to Hubspot. Kindly click on the ‘Add More Fields’ button and map the Hubilo Magic links with Hubspot as shown below -

Save :

You need to select and map the respective default Hubspot fields before proceeding with Save -

Note -

  • 'Firstname', 'Lastname' and 'Email' are mandatory and is the minimum requirement to enable export.

  • Only once the above mandatory fields are mapped, you can start data sync
    and you can add more fields as well to export. You need to enable Sync for the data to sync to Hubspot.

  • It is recommended to have all the field types as Text in Hubspot.

  • Contact will be created/updated when data will be exported. You will have to create a contact property only if they do not have a property matching to Hubilo field. In order to add Custom Property in Hubspot you may also refer to this article.

  • If the field types don't match, we will display a warning message, and the sync might fail. For example, trying to sync a Text field with a Date field -

Sync :

  • Once you have mapped the required Profile Fields and saved it, you can enable the Sync, to sync data to Hubspot.

  • Once you have enabled Sync, the Profile Fields mapping will be disabled and you won't be able to update it. You can update it by turning off the sync.

Updating Mappings :

  • While the sync is on, you won't be able to make any changes to the field mappings. If you try to update any mappings while the Sync is on, you will get the below error message -

  • Kindly disable the Sync and make the required updates to the Profile Field mappings and then turn on the Sync. Your historical data while the sync was turned off, will be synced automatically once you enable it again.

    The exported data will reflect in the Contacts section of Hubspot -

Logs :

You can check the logs from the dashboard for Import and Export for both successful and failed entries.

Kindly go to the Integrations section in the dashboard > Logs > Select Hubspot from the dropdown menu -

  • If you want to export user activities to Hubspot kindly refer to this guide.

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