Latency is how long a packet of information takes to get to and from a computer. It can be tested by "Pinging" network devices. Most people have watched a news clip where the reporter is located on another part of the world. They are having a conversation but the information is about 1-second behind. 

Imagine having the same type of Internet connection. The average Latency for Hudson Valley Wireless is 20-30 ms. Satellite based systems average 480 ms (Half a second). Don't be fooled by claims of fast Internet Speeds. Latency is a big part of how the Internet works. 

The Satellite Internet Super Highway may have several lanes, but has to travel 44,480 Miles to outer space and back. Nitro Broadband transmits the signal within 8-miles of our tower sites. Cellular Networks also have a great deal of latency because of congestion, making Nitro Broadband the best option.

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