Connect Humaans to your Workable account to automatically import hired candidates to Humaans.

In Humaans:

  1. Open Admin area.

  2. Scroll down to Integrations.

  3. Find the Workable integration and click "Configure".

  4. Click "Enable integration" and allow Humaans access to your Workable account.

  5. If you have access to multiple Workable accounts: Choose the account you would like to link to Humaans and click "Save".

The integration should now be active. When a candidate is marked as hired - that person will appear in Humaans in a "New hires" tab.


Below is a list of fields that get imported from Workable.

Workable field

Humaans field

First name

First name

Last name

Last name


Personal email


Personal phone



Job Posting Title

Job title



Employment type

Contract type

Adding new hires as members

Candidates that get imported from Workable will appear in the New hires tab.

This gives you a chance to review all the new hires and their information before adding them as members to your Humaans account.

To view the information of the new hire, click on the row or "Add member" link.

Review the information that has been imported from Workable, fill out any missing fields and add the new member to your Humaans account.

Deleting new hires

If you don't want to add some new hires as members to your Humaans account, you can delete them. Click on the new hire you'd like to delete, and then click "Delete this new hire" at the bottom of the window.

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