After enabling the Contractbook integration, you can configure which templates should be used to sync the documents.

Contracts in Contractbook can be created from a template. Only documents created from a template can be imported to Humaans. This is so that Humaans knows what document type should be assigned to the imported document.

To enable a particular template turn the toggle on in the Sync column.

Then select the recipient party that should be matched against the employee's email. Recipient parties are used in Contractbook to determine the role of each signator or document recipient. For example, for an employment agreement, you might use three recipients - a people ops team, the employee and the CEO. If you want the employment agreement to be imported to the employee's profile, you'd pick the "employee" party as the recipient party in the Contractbook configuration.

Finally, pick the document type that should be used for the imported document. Document types are good for keeping documents organised, but they also allow you to control access permissions.

Once you save the configuration, all new contracts created from this template will be imported into Humaans.

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