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Lattice setup and field mapping
Lattice setup and field mapping

Learn how to set up Humaans to export employee information for use in Lattice

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What you'll need to get started

  • Humaans Growth package or above

  • Access to your organisation's Lattice account

  • SFTP enabled in your organisation's Lattice account (required if you want to use Automatic sync)

Once you have these in place, head to your integrations page and open the Lattice integration, from here you'll see three tabs:


Let's start with configuration, this tab allows you to enable and create mappings from Humaans to Lattice.

You will see a list of default mappings, some of which cannot be disabled e.g. Full name and Job title, as these are required for Lattice to function.

New mappings can be added by pressing the Add mapping button at the end of the form, this will allow you to map custom fields are more from your Humaans data to Lattice fields.

Once pressed you will see a new row appears. The left-side dropdown corresponds to the data point in Humaans that you with to map from, here we select a custom field called Job level.

We can then choose which field we want this to be mapped to in Lattice by selecting from the options on the right-side.

Lattice has a field called Job level built-in, so we use that here.

Now we'll look at mapping to a custom Lattice field, so we click Add mapping again and select Place of work as the Humaans attribute, and select Custom from the Lattice destination.

This brings up a text field, the value entered here should correspond to a custom attribute that was created in Lattice, here we use Location.

Once you're happy with the mappings you can click Save.

Manual export

This screen allows you to export a manual CSV file using the mappings created on the Configuration tab.

Simply press the Export button and the file will be downloaded.

As you can see above, the two mappings we configured (Job level and Location) are present and available to Lattice either by manually uploading or using Automatic sync.

Automatic sync

This tab allows you to configure automatic syncing to Lattice.

You will need to have SFTP support enabled in your Lattice account. Lattice will give you a username and then you can set a password. Use these credentials in the form, select a sync frequency (Daily or Weekly) then click Save, we will verify the connection is successful or if the credentials are invalid.

Once successful the form will look like the below.

If you see this you have successfully configured Automatic sync and the exact same file you saw in Manual export will be sent to Lattice at midnight every day (if Daily is selected) or midnight on Monday (if Weekly is selected).

Field mapping

Below you can see a list of the default mappings from Humaans data points to Lattice data points.



Humaans ID

External User ID

Full name




Job title


Manager email


Employee status






Phone number

Phone Number



First working day

Start date

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