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Signing in the first time (not Azure AD users)
Signing in the first time (not Azure AD users)

You have been invited to the Human Risks platform and now you want to sign in for the first time. Please follow these simple steps.

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1. You have received an email from Human Risks ( with the title "Welcome to Human Risks". Click the link "here" and go to our platform's sign-in page.

2. Ensure that you are using one of the browsers that we support, which is basically any updated and secure browser e.g. Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari. We know many still use Internet Explorer but we strongly suggest you don't. It has been known to hold many security flaws and must be considered as an outdated solution. Try to google "Internet Explorer security" and you will see why we don't support IE.

3. Write a password of your own choosing BUT be aware of the requirements as highlighted on the screenshot

Please remember to confirm your password in the 2nd input field as shown below and click "Reset password".

4. Please go to your normal login page, and type in your "Organization name"....

... and then log in using your email and password

5. If you encounter any problems along the way then please go to your login page and click "Forgot password?" to re-start the process. If you're still having problems please make sure you are not using Internet Explorer and go back and check step 3 (password requirements), which are the most often causes of error.

If you still have no luck getting through then please start a conversation with our support team by clicking the speech bubble in the bottom right corner or write us at We hope you will enjoy using our security risk management platform!

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