Was your last hire a series of "where is the current template" questions? Did you spend more time fussing with formatting and text replacements than interviewing the candidate? Did you have to create new spreadsheets and documents for time off tracking? 

Not anymore, friends! With Humi's hiring process, you can set it and forget it. 

  1. Configuring your templates on Humi. In the "Employee" module, click on "Hiring". To set up an offer letter, agreement, handbook or welcome letter, click on "Add one". 

       From here, you can either use our template (which comes ready to use),                format a new offer letter using plain text, or upload a pre-existing template          from Word processor (which allows formatting, logos, signatures etc).

       In order for your templates to adapt to the person you are hiring (e.g.                      employee name, start date, salary, etc), we replace text in your plain text or            Word document with "variables" - similar to a mail merge! Where you want              your employee's name to appear, we insert [employee.fullname] or                          [employee.firstname]. To add a start date to the offer letter, we insert                      [employee.startdate]. To offer the employee's salary, we insert                                  [employee.salary]. Here is our complete list of variables that we offer for                these templates:

       Once all of the applicable variables are added into your template, you're                ready to save it to Humi! If you've opted for the Word processor option, the            name of the file will automatically become the name of the template.

   2. Sending your hiring docs. After you've completed your templates, click "Hire        someone now" and enter their information. The variables inserted in your                templates will pull from this information to create a customized offer letter!

Did you know... you can create as many offer letter templates and agreements as you'd like - one for your client success team, one for sales, one for accounting and so on! On the last step of the hiring process, you will be asked to choose which documents you wish to send to your new employee.

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