For the most part, the fields available on an employee's record are standard and they're universal: Hire Date. Full Name. Home Address. All the usual things. 

At Humi, we know that the unusual is to be expected... and that's where custom fields come in. From the Employee module, it's two simple steps to create a custom field for the Employee List page. 

  1. On the left hand side, click the Hiring. 
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Configure page and voila: Add A Custom Field. 

You can create one or multiple fields to capture the information that's important to you and your organization. You can even require this field be completed during the onboarding process and set the privacy level by field: all employees or employee/manager/admin only. These can be added at any time, and removed just as easily. Go on, give it a try! 

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