Using the new Document Center in Humi will allow you to easily view, create and edit documents . You can create any type of document whether it's a Welcome or Offer Letter, Company policies or Confidentiality agreements.

Admins can either create a document from scratch, upload an existing pdf or docX doc, or use one of Humi's preexisting document  templates. 

To access the Document Center, select the 'Employee' Module from the homepage and click the 'Docs' icon located on the left-hand navigation pane. 

Here, you can view all your saved documents, whom it has been assigned to, if the assignee has viewed it or if any document signature requests are currently pending.

Note: When you assign a document to an employee, Humi will prompt them for their signature depending if the document includes an employee signature variable ( [employee.signature] ). If the document was edited after you assigned it, the current assignment will replace the previous ones if that document still has a pending signature request.

If you need to unassign a document from an employee, you can do this through the employee's profile.

Each document will have an assignment timeline from the date it was created to which employee it was assigned to. This will be included with a timestamp that allows you to easily keep track! 

Did you know ...There are 3 different functions you can use to create a document, click the options below to learn how!

  1. Upload an existing document ( PDF or DocX)
  2. Create a document from scratch (using our document editor)
  3. Create a document using Humi's preloaded templates (using our document editor)
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