Humi provides you with few document templates ( Offer Letter, Confidentiality Agreement, Welcome Letter, and Acknowledgement Letter) that you can customize based on your company's requirements. 

To get started, click on the 'Add' button located in the document center under the Employees module. Since you are creating a document from scratch in Humi, select 'Start with a Template' as shown below. 

You will find a list of 4 document templates to choose from.

Once you selected the template, add a name to the document. Your template document name will appear under the employee profile once it has been assigned and signed by the employees, so name accordingly! The 'Document Type' provides a classification for the document so it can be easily stored and accessed within the document center. Once you continue to Editor, you can further customize the template text according to your company's needs.

You can replace text with employee or company specific information using the different variables provided in the drop down menu.

Once you are happy with the document, we recommend that you generate a preview or you can proceed to save it. 

The document you have just created can now be downloaded, assigned to an employee(s), edited, or deleted.

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