Once you have uploaded a PDF document, you can annotate it with a user input field. This will allow you to add a user response boundary within the document.  

Begin by selecting the PDF document and click 'Annotate' within the documents center from the left-hand navigation pane.

You will be prompted with different annotation options such as adding an employee signature,  company signature, a text box, and user input field.

Once you click 'Add User Input Field' click and drag your cursor to the desired size within the document. All you need to do is add a title for the input field. This can be instructions, a question they are required to answer, or a statement which will appear once the assigned employee reviews the document. 

Note: You can delete the question by selecting the blue box and pressing the delete key on your keyboard. You can edit your question by selecting the recently added response box.

Once the employee reviews their document, they will be prompted to answer to the information you have entered when signing.

When the employee has completed each field, the response will be saved directly onto the PDF and filed under their profile in the 'Employee Documents' field.

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