If you have documents stored in Humi, you can easily assign them to your employees! You can assign it to one employee, all employees, a department, particular office location, by direct reports of a manager, or a customized the list of employees!

Begin by selecting the desired document located in the Docs page (located inside Employees module). From there, click the 'Assign' Icon located in the left-hand navigation pane.

Here you can assign this document to one or many employees and prompt them for their signature. If the document was edited after it was assigned and there are pending document signature or document viewing acknowledgement from any employee, the current assignment will replace the previous one. However, documents already viewed and signed under the previous edit will not be removed and will be available in their employee profile.

Once the document is assigned to the employee(s), they will receive a notification. You can track the progress of the document, whether they have viewed the document but haven't signed it or whether they have signed it in the document view page.

To delete a particular document assignment for an employee, visit their employee profile. All assigned documents that require an action from the employee will be located under "Pending Documents".

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