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If you haven't yet built your documents, you can start right within Humi! The document editor is a great tool to create and edit documents in Humi that you can assign to existing employees or use in your on-boarding flow. 

Start by navigating to the Employees Module, and choosing "Docs" from the action buttons on the left hand side.

Name your document, and choose or create a document type. This is the header under which your document will be stored when it is saved.

Next, add the desired text in the editor. The editor provides a list of variables that you can insert into the document (eg. [company.address] ) which gets replaced with employee specific information that is saved in Humi (eg. 325 Front St W Suite 4). This will help save you time from having to customize each document! Once you assign the document to an employee, Humi will replace the employee specific information for each document. 

Choose from the many variables already added in Humi from the drop down located on the left-hand navigation pane.

In this editor, you also have the ability to change the font size, color, text or change the page alignment. The world is your oyster! The great thing about using the Word Doc Editor is that what you see is literally what you get!

Once you have reviewed the document, it is recommended that you render a preview. 

This will create a pdf document of the content you added to the editor. Once the document is generated, you can click the view preview button to download the document. 

Alternatively, you can save the content and return later to finish your progress! 

Did you know....  Humi has made it easy and created templates that you can use instead of creating your own from scratch. Click here to learn how!

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