Uploading and storing documents has been made much simpler in Humi. If you have an existing PDF or Docx document, you can upload it and assign to your employees. 

The first step is to choose the type of document you wish to upload. If it is a Word document (Docx), you can download the template helper located in the "Add Document" page inside the document center. The helper document lists all the variables you can use to your Word document, which gets replaced with employee specific information.

Once your document is ready for upload, name the document accordingly and provide a 'type', which is a classification for the document type. We provide a few classifications for your convenience, such as 'Offer Letter, Confidentiality Agreement or Acknowledgement Letter'. Alternatively, you can also create your own by clicking on "Create a New Type" from the dropdown.

Ta-da! all you need to do now is save the document. 

Once your document has been successfully uploaded, you can continue to assign it to your company's employees or simply store it in the document center. 

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