To add a new hire into Humi, begin by clicking the 'Add One' icon located in the left-hand navigation pane from the Employees module

From here, you will be prompted to add the employee's personal and employment information. 

Note:  You will not be able to save and continue if the required fields are not filled.

The last step is to assign your desired hiring documents that are saved in the document centre. You can choose any number of documents you want to send.

Once you have selected your documents, Humi will generate a unique onboarding link for your new employee. This will guide them through the onboarding process and will allow them to enter their personal information such as banking info, S.I.N number, and emergency contacts. 

There are two options, you can send the link to the employee yourself, or allow Humi to send it.

If you have selected "Let Humi send the link now" below is how the email will be sent to the employee:


"John Smith,

Karen Nguyen has offered you a position at Humi QA!

Please continue by visiting the link below. You'll be able to view your terms, and digitally sign any agreements once you're ready to accept the offer. You may need your SIN and/or bank account info during this process, and it will likely take between 5 and 10 minutes.

Congratulations on the offer!

This email was sent on behalf of Karen Nguyen by www
Humi is an HR platform that makes running your company a breeze."


Once the employee clicks on their link, they will be prompted to create their Humi login and begin onboarding 

Once your employee has completed the onboarding process, they can now access the Humi dashboard! The admin on your company account will also receive a notification. 

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