As long as it remains possible to do so safely under CDC recommendations, the Hungry Harvest team will continue home delivery. We are considered essential as part of the US food supply chain.

As a food handling business, we’re committed to ensuring we comply with all Center for Disease Control policies, and we’ve performed extensive food safety training with all employees as per the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations, policies, and best practices.

We’re currently monitoring our employees and other associates to ensure that they do not report to work if they are feeling sick, and we will continue to look for any signs of illness and help them seek medical care. In the event of illness, we will advise they seek medical care. Additionally, we are staying up to date with the most current recommendations from health authorities and will exercise any additional recommended precautions.

I want you to know that Hungry Harvest takes health and safety seriously, and we’ll continue to uphold good hygiene just like we have in the past.

As a reminder, the World Health Organization website has excellent information here, and you can read more about how COVID-19 is spread as well as prevention information they have available online.

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