An application is a direct application made by an applicant which is found in your inbox. You can reach out to them by clicking on the "messages" button at the top of your screen. To reply to applications, click on the "reply" button in the message box.

A match is made by our internal team. Whilst some of these are automated, a lot of these are sent by our talent team because the candidate has shown interest in your brand specifically. We believe the this candidate may be a good fit for your available job. These matches are made on correlating data e.g. if a recruiter has tagged themselves as having experience in ‘Technology’ and an employer have also tagged themselves as having expertise in this area, a match will be made. 

 If you like the look of their anonymous profile, send them a headhunt message and engage with them so they reveal their identity. It is important to note that a match doesn’t know they are sitting in your inbox until you headhunt them.

You can headhunt your matches by clicking on the "messages" button at the top of your screen and clicking on the "reply" button in the message box. 

You won't be charged for ANY hires you make, either through applications to your Hunted profile OR headhunts via the Hunted Matches feature.

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