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What Is Your Digital Footprint?
What Is Your Digital Footprint?
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Each time you use the internet, you leave a trail of data behind like breadcrumbs. That trail includes websites you’ve visited, emails you’ve sent, searches you’ve conducted, photos you’ve posted, and more. Unfortunately, this piecemeal information can be collected to create a profile of you that someone could use to cause physical (ex. stalking), financial (ex. identity theft), or reputation damage.

Even if you’ve taken steps to protect your online presence, like setting social media accounts to private and varying passwords, you could still be leaving a passive digital footprint. For example, websites could unknowingly install cookies on your device, data brokers could collect and sell information like your address and phone numbers, and family members could post photos to their social media accounts, all of which could be used to cause physical, financial, or reputation damage by a bad actor.

Hush finds any pieces of information or “breadcrumbs” that are public, determines which ones put you at risk, and helps you take steps to remove them from the internet.

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