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General Removal Email Template
General Removal Email Template

Here's a easy template you can use to request removal of your information from unwanted sites.

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Some websites do not have a standard, published process for information removal. In these cases, Hush's AI cannot reach out on behalf of our Members. We suggest using the following format to reach out to these websites directly. Feel free to copy and paste this message to add you information and make a removal request:

To Whom It May Concern,

I am [Insert First Name] [Insert Last Name]. I am requesting that you remove my private information that was posted publicly by your company without my consent. If you believe that you had my consent to post my information at some point in the past, this letter is to notify you that such consent, if it existed, is now revoked.

Please remove and delete all related information from your website, including but not limited to their information which was found at this link: [Insert Link], and from your internal system(s), including any related cloud or virtual storage system you utilize. Please also refrain from collecting, buying, capturing, storing, selling, transferring, or processing any further information related to me in the future.

Thank you for your anticipated prompt response.

[Insert First Name] [Insert Last Name]


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