Our Mortgage Intervention Service is for timeshare owners who were lied to or misrepresented in the purchase of their timeshare and still have active financing or financial obligations because of it.

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Timeshare Mortgage Intervention

Our process is focused 100% on removing the burdensome timeshare and also try and recover as much money as possible. We are a smaller firm that will give you the attention needed to successfully accomplish a mortgaged timeshare termination or divestment. We aren't knocking the competition, we just know if you hire us we will work as hard as humanly possible on your behalf and for a fraction of the cost our competitors charge.

How it works

Our process works in four easy steps.

1. Determine Eligibility: You can check your Mortgage Intervention Eligibility

here. We aren't in business to cancel all timeshares that have active loans - we believe there has to be a just cause for our services. We know all circumstances are unique and that is why we recommend getting a FREE Consultation so we can uncover

2. Hire Us: After you decide and we decide we are a good fit for each other you will receive a Welcome Packet that has required documentation we need to proceed forward with your case. Also, your assigned Case Manager will contact you for an introductory call and we will begin preparing your Dispute Packet. Once you receive your Dispute Packet we will walk you through the next steps of the process via one-on-one call coaching and weekly status updates from your assigned Case Manager.

3. Dispute Process: Every situation is unique and has its own challenges. We will walk you through our dispute options with the goal of recovering money and time being the major considerations on how we will proceed forward with your intervention. Sometimes attorneys are involved. Sometimes they are not. Each case is different and will be handled to benefit - you - our client the most.

4. Mortgage Release Document: After a successful Mortgage Intervention - you will be free and clear of your once burdensome, unwanted timeshare. Celebrate and share your success story in our online reviews.

What's the cost

Each case is different and has its own variables. What drives the cost is the amount of time, energy and money we will spend to help you in your case. The more you owe the developer the more action we will have to take on your behalf. The biggest consideration is how much will you save by hiring us? Have you ever taken your total monthly payments and multiplied them by how many months are remaining on your term?

What to expect for our costs - the service costs are usually around one year of what you pay your developer in payments and maintenance fees. It isn't designed that way, but it always comes close to that amount for our clients when we estimate time, cost, and risk to determine our fee.

The service costs cover all costs related to getting you out of your timeshare, which include, but are not limited to - attorney fees, transfer costs, title fees, etc..

The good news is that whatever we charge is the total amount and will not increase during our service - no matter what! AND it covers every aspect needed to get you free and clear of your timeshare loans which will end up costing you a lot more over time.

OUR BIGGEST MARKET DIFFERENTIATOR IS THAT YOU KEEP 100% OF ANY MONEY RECOVERED DURING THE PROCESS. Yes - you read that right! Unlike the majority of firms out there and Timeshare Attorneys - we keep none of the recovered money if you were to get refunded from your timeshare mortgage cancellation.

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