Log your HARD WORK

Make a note of how your training progress is going and add scores to the leaderboard.

Written by HWPO Team
Updated over a week ago

It couldn’t be easier to log your HARD WORK on the HWPO Training app.

  1. Open up the HWPO app

  2. Head to your calendar

  3. Click on a day of training and expand the details.

Under each part, you’ll have the ability to add your training notes and attach media to the performance too.

If one of our coaches has integrated a score into your programming, you’ll see score boxes.

Once you’ve entered your score, you’ll see where you stack up on the leaderboard.

*Note - The score box is OPTIONAL. If you do not want your score to appear on the leaderboard, do not enter your scores in the score box. Instead, you may add them in your notes for your eyes only.*

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