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Using OneContact for Long COVID form - NEL
Using OneContact for Long COVID form - NEL
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The existing long COVID referral form is long and time consuming for GP’s to complete.

We’ve created a LONG covid form for patients to complete before their GP appointment. When a patient contacts the practice with suspected long COVID symptoms, they can be sent a text link to a form that the patient can complete.

The long COVID form contains a large amount of the mandated referral requirements, and GP’s can use the results from the patient form to contribute to the ongoing referral, saving significant GP time.

To use OneContact for this use case, follow these instructions:

1. Login to OneContact, navigate to the ‘Form Library’ and find the ‘Long COVID NEL’ form (it’s under the data collection category, and is searchable through the search bar). Select the form by clicking ‘view more’.

2. To send an SMS to a patient using another SMS provider, copy and paste the suggested text link. The text link includes a unique URL for your practice, to enable the results to be sent back to your GP practice account.

Alternatively, you can also send an SMS through OneContact via the Gov.UK notify service. If the practice has connected Gov.UK, simplify add the mobile number and click ‘send’.

3. Patients are sent an SMS to their mobile phones, with a web link to the Long Covid form. When a patient completes and submits a form, the responses are sent into OneContact.

4. To view responses, select ‘Inbox’ from the navigation in OneContact. The table shows a list of results. Data from the list incudes patient name and form completed and response time. Users can assign people or teams to the forms. To view a response, select the form from the list.

5. The results from the form are presented on the page. You can export the results into PDF and have the form sent via email. Alternatively, to file the data into the clinical record, select 'link patient' to match the patient record in EMIS Web, and then select ‘file to record’. The data will then be filed into the patient record in EMIS Web, and can be used to support the contents of the referral form.

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