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Getting Started With OneContact
Getting Started With OneContact
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When you register with OneContact, you can invite additional users, and set up teams, via the configuration section.

Setting up your first team

Starting in the Configuration screen, please click on the “Set up a Team” button.

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This will take you to a screen where you can enter a name and a description for your new team. You can also choose which organization to assign this team to. At the moment, you should only have a single organization so just enter the name and description and click on “New Team”.

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Setting up new users

Once you have set up a team, you can add new users by selecting the 'invite a user' button. Here you can add the email address of new users and select the team you wish to assign them to. Once you send an invite, they'll receive an email enabling them to complete their registration.


You will now have access to the inbox. This is where you will find new form submissions which can be assigned to any user in your team, or any team in your organization.


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Sending Forms To Patients

There are two options to send forms to patients. You can send an SMS link through OneContact via the GOV.Uk notify service. For information on setting up the Gov.UK service in OneContact, please follow these instructions.

You can also use other SMS systems to send a form to patient. To do this, simply copy and paste the link provided in the 'Send With External Provider' column in the Form Library for the relevant form you wish to send:

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