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What are Shariah-nominate contracts and what is their significance in Islamic finance?
How is IBF Net using technology to build a miniature Islamic economy on the blockchain?
What is the purpose of the philanthropic tools and mechanisms do in an Islamic financial system?
What are Shariah-nominated contracts or uqud, and where can one find details about them?
How do you differentiate between exchange-based contracts and not-for-profit contracts?
What are the major Shariah norms that financial contracts in an Islamic or Shariah-compliant financial system must comply with?
What are the four functions of money in an economy?
What is the Islamic economy?
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What is IBF Net and what is its initiative related to blockchain technology?
What are the different types of contracts and mechanisms in an Islamic financial system?
How does Shariah law regulate financial contracts in Islamic finance?
How can blockchain technology be used in Islamic finance?
What are the goals (maqasid) of al-Shariah?
Is private money admissible in Shariah?
What is the fundamental requirement for the acceptance or adoption of private money in Shariah?
What is the argument made in favor of digital money?
What is sovereign money in Shariah?
What are Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)?
What are the two types of money or currency that Islamic scholars broadly admit?
What is the difference between Thaman Haqiqi and Thaman Istilahi?
What is private money in Shariah?
How did currencies in the early Islamic states differ from present-day fiat currencies?
How has blockchain technology made it possible for private entities to issue currencies?
What were the currencies in the early Islamic states?
What is fiat money?
What is the currency of the miniature Islamic economy?