I can’t hear my partner

First, play a test sound to determine if the issue lies with your speakers or your partner’s microphone. When you’re in the match, click on the grey settings gear in the top right of the screen.

From here, click the pink “Play a Test Sound” button.

Once you’ve clicked to play a test sound, you should be able to hear a song play.

  • If you can hear the song, then your audio is working, and the issue is with your match’s microphone. Have them reach out for help! Your match can troubleshoot the issue by clicking on the pink question mark on the left-hand side of the screen. Someone from our support team will be able to assist them. If they would prefer to try and solve the issue themselves, they can do so by going to our camera and microphone troubleshooting article. If you want to talk it through with them, the most common issue is that they have another application running that uses their microphone (e.g., Zoom) - make sure they’ve closed everything else out, then have them refresh their browser.
  • If you cannot hear the song, then the issue is most likely with your own audio. Continue to read here to resolve the issue.

Your speakers may be disconnected or your volume may be muted. Please double-check for us! People often forget to unplug their headphones.

On an iPhone or iPad? Some iOS settings require you to “tap” the video to un-mute. Give that a try!

Have multiple speakers or output devices? Your Operating System may be trying to use the wrong device. Please review the instructions for your device below:

  1. Windows: Select Start > Settings > Sound then select the correct output device.
  2. MacOS: Select Apple menu > System Preferences > Sound > Output then select the correct output device.
  3. Mobile Devices (iPhone and iPad) Disconnect and reconnect your headphones or any external speakers (if applicable). If bluetooth, turn bluetooth off and on again.

You may have muted Icebreaker (or all websites) at the site level. Please see browser-specific guidance below:

  1. Chrome: Navigate to: chrome://settings/content/ (you can paste that link into your browser) and select Sound. Make sure that Icebreaker isn’t listed in the “Mute” section and that the overall option to allow sites to play sound is enabled.
  2. Firefox: When websites play any sound in Firefox a speaker shows up in the tab - if there is a line running through the speaker (pictured below) the site has been muted. Please click the speaker to un-mute.

One of your internet connections may be weak. You can test by trying to play a youtube video - if it isn’t coming through the issue is probably with your internet connection. Try resetting your router!

If none of these work, we recommend ending the game early and returning to the main lobby - you might be able to match with someone else before the game ends!

Check out our help center for more info!

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