Sorry about that - sitting out is never fun.

There are three main reasons this can happen.

  1. You may be joining the games after the initial countdown. All players who join during the countdown are paired off. If people join late, they can only be paired with others who joined late. If you’re the only person who joined late and everybody else paired off, there’s nobody left for you to match with!
  2. Your internet connection may be weak. The resulting latency can push you past the “Join Game” countdown, which is more or less the same as joining the game late. Try resetting your router or switching to your mobile device!
  3. Your match partner's connection may be weak. If Icebreaker is telling you that you're "waiting on Jenny" (or another name) but the match never happens, the issue is probably with your partner's connection. Try refreshing your browser, but if this goes on too long we recommend returning to the main event room.

Check out our help center for more info!

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