I can’t see the Join Stage button

Sorry about that! The Join Stage button shows up under two circumstances:

1. The Join Stage button should be visible to all hosts. If you are a host of the event and can't see the button, please refresh your browser and double-check your host status. To double-check please click the arrow to expand the participant list. Find your name and make sure you have the Host designation. If you don’t, just ask one of the other hosts to provide it to you!

2. The Join Stage button appears to all participants when the host "opens the stage." Only the hosts can see "Open Stage" at the upper-right border of the chat window. If you're the host, please click there to make the "Join Stage" option visible to all participants. You can close the stage by clicking in the same location (it will say "Close Stage").

If you should be seeing the Join Stage button but it isn't there, Please try refreshing your browsers! It won’t cause issues with the event or game - you’ll come right back to where you started.

If that doesn't work, the quickest fix is to try a different browser (we recommend Chrome, Firefox and Safari) or a different device. Remember that Icebreaker is mobile-friendly, so you can always switch to your phone!

Check out our help center for more info!

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